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Managing Exam Stress – what parents need to know!

Exam stress is common of course, and, to a certain extent, normal, and can even be a bit helpful. What we want to avoid, though, are extremes of stress, or of any other behaviour or emotions.

Published on Monday, March 13th, 2023

Insomnia in teenagers- a nightmare that can be tackled.

I am a big fan of sleep. But sometimes sleep is elusive. It can be hard to fall asleep, or you might wake in the night or too early every morning. This is unhelpful to your wellbeing. Here is how to approach teen insomnia.

Published on Sunday, February 12th, 2023

When Homework is a Battle (and how to reduce this)

For those of us who have been there, the word ‘homework’ can conjure up visions of shouting, crying, and tantrums (and that may just be mum or dad). Here are some thoughts about how to change this.

Published on Saturday, February 4th, 2023

‘He’s Not Lazy’ by Dr Adam Price - Book Review

Every now and then a book comes along that stops you in your tracks, with multiple light bulb moments, and a really important message. ‘He’s Not Lazy’ by Adam Price was a book like that for me

Published on Thursday, January 19th, 2023

‘Are our teens going to enough parties?’

For parents who raved through the Nineties, raising the 'most risk averse generation' could be a challenge. Here's what's happening, some reasons for the change and some ideas of what to do next

Published on Thursday, January 12th, 2023

The Transition to ‘Big School’ – what parents can do to help (without ‘hovering’!)

Smoothing the transition to seniors is something we can all help with, although every child will need their own specific approach. Read my top tips below

Published on Monday, August 8th, 2022